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Spectre Team 6

It has been a few years since the last battle against the Reapers, but things are returning to normal. The Citadel has been mostly repaired and returned to its place in the Serpent Nebula. But the Council has decided to change a few things about the way they operate.

One important change involves Spectres. It has been argued that because Saren was a Spectre, the Council refused to believe Shepard’s stories, and Saren was able to pull the wool over the Council’s collective eyes. But Saren had been indoctrinated by the Reapers. Since he worked alone there was no way to know this. But Shepard worked closely with a team he assembled. So to prevent rogue Spectres, the Council has decided to instead appoint Spectre Teams. That way there is less chance of one agent going rogue or causing too much trouble. Each Spectre team is composed of experts in various fields and trained together for months before being allowed to work on their own. And their final months of training come at the hands of another, more experienced team.

Recently, Spectre Team 5 has been training Spectre Team 6. And now, Spectre Team 6 is about ready to be deployed.

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